Sidewalk Signs and Sandwich Boards for posters and markers

Want a powerful advertising tool that can be displayed outside your store so that anyone walking by is a potential customer? Some pedestrians might not take the time to look up into your store if they are walking by. But with Sidewalk Signs and Sandwich Boards, advertisements are really hard to miss because it is exactly in people’s line of vision when they are walking up and down the sidewalk.

Sidewalk Signs with custom-printed graphics on poster boards and customized messages are truly great additional advertising tools for your business. Our outdoor sidewalk signs are large and sturdy, so your graphics and messages are guaranteed to be noticed. Any restaurant or retail store owner can turn the outside of their store into an advertising hub with our portable sidewalk signs. By design, our sidewalk signs are manufactured for easy set-up and removal. All that is required is a quick snap to get the frame locked into place, and then folding of the sign to when you want to bring your sidewalk sign in for the night. Displays247 offers a wide selection of signs to place on the sidewalk outside your retail store or restaurant that includes chalkboard A-frames, marker boards, write-on sandwich boards, and fillable base signs.

Our sandwich boards for advertising are great for displaying lunch specials and features to passerby on lunch break. You simply write and draw on the board and place it outside so that potential customers can see the delicious sandwich and drink combo your store is offering. You can use either chalkboard A-frames or marker boards to advertise sales in your retail store or special offers in your restaurant. Displays247 also offers a large selection of markers so that you can choose what writing will work best for your sidewalk sign.

Our A-frame signs come in a couple of framing options. You have the freedom to order plastic A-frame signs or metal A-frame signs depending on what best suits your needs and budget. Our plastic A-frame signs are as sturdy as they come. Our metal A-frame signs come in either aluminum or steel that provides a little bit of a step up when it comes to appearances compared to the plastic sidewalk signs. We also offer fillable base signs that are perfect for outdoor signage as they are wind-resistant so that even the most windy of environments can take advantage of the wonders of outdoor sidewalk signs.

Our Springer water base signs and T-style spring base signs are the perfect outdoor signage solutions to your windy weather condition problems. The added weight of the water provides additional support to keep your sign upright and stable which is very important to avoid damaging your sign and, more importantly, to prevent from injuring passerby. Displays247 also offers yard signs and yard stakes for special events so you can place your outdoor sign in the grass and still achieve a professional display. The only visual indicator that a house is for sale is by the large real estate yard signs you see outside the house. You can choose between an A-frame sidewalk sign style or a yard stake as a more economical option.

These yards signs are great for letting passerby know that the house is for sale as well as making it easy for people showing up to an open house to locate the place quickly. Our yard signs are also great for promoting political awareness during election year. Choose Displays247 to be your provider for real estate and election signs!

Find the perfect Sidewalk Sign for your business or next event! We promise to deliver quality signs that are built to last.

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