Classic Easels for posters and chalkboards

When you think of easels you might think of the classic wooden art easels that artists use to prop up their canvas while painting. Well these classic easels are not just used by artists. In fact, display easels have become very popular for events, galleries, classrooms, restaurants, stores, conferences, and weddings. They are a very stylish and fancy way to display your graphics, whatever it may be.

We offer floor and countertop art stands so you can choose what best fits your event. We give you the option to order just the easel stands that can be used as floor and countertop art stands. These easels come in two different styles: metal floor easels and wooden art easels. If you would like to order easels with poster boards, we have several options to choose from. These options include easels with poster frames, chalkboards, blackboards, and whiteboards.

The metal floor easels are very durable and can hold large poster boards. Artist easels are a better option for countertops. For company events with breakout sessions and educational purposes, we offer flip-chart easels as an additional tool to make your presentation more dynamic.

These presentation easels can be set up and taken down in a matter of seconds and can be stored away and easily carried to your next event. Easel signage is a unique and modern design that can compliment every graphic in any setting.

Order your portable and adjustable easels from Displays247 today so that you can have a way to display artwork that will last a long time.

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