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Trade Show Counters & Furniture

If you are planning to use a table to sell your products or promote your brand, you might want to think about if portable counters are the better option for you. In a lot of cases, business’s place their products or beverages on trade show counters that are conveniently placed on the sides of their area where passerby walk. This way, they will glance at whatever drinks or products you have on your trade show podium and visit the centre of your exhibit booth where more informational graphics are held.

Trade show booth counters provide a friendly way of exposing potential customers to your products and services without following them around and shoving your products into their faces. These portable trade show tables are quick and easy to set up and transport as they come on wheels so you can push it around and adjust it in your booth as much as you want. These exhibition counters are commonly used as merchandising stands, product sample stands, a simple presentation counter where you can place informative booklets and pamphlets, and even as place to feature an engaging game with prizes and raffles.

Our promotional counters come in a wide selection of sizes to provide you with exposure and flexibility at your event. They don’t have to replace your trade show table entirely; you can double up and order a table and trade show counters with custom graphics and arrange the counters to frame the centre of your booth where your table would be. The ability to display custom printed graphics on our expo counters makes for a more colorful and vibrant displays and allows for easy advertising right at source. Standing several feet tall, our portable pedestals are the perfect height for you and your customers to comfortably carry out a conversation or make business transactions without covering the main space of your exhibit booth.

Our portable kiosks are designed to take up very little space but provide an excellent use of advertising space because of their large surface area. Our trade show counters are manufactured with a knock down design which makes the whole transportation and set up process easy. The custom printed graphics you can order along with your modular counter will be sure to turn heads and pull people towards your booth.

Displays247 offers counters for conventions of various colors and shapes so you can select the best style for your needs. Our designs include round, oval, rectangular, and bullet shapes. Some of our sampling counters can be ordered with literature holders and can double as portable laptop stands and trade show iPad counters to increase functionality. Check out all our mobile counters on our online catalogue today, so that you can find the perfect pop up podiums for traveling for your next event.