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Create Attractive Sail Signs

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Advertising Sail Signs | Feather Flags

Looking for an advertising tool that has a large, open, and clear display with a unique shape? Advertising Sail Flags, Teardrop and Feather Banners are perfect for your business if you are looking for an effective marketing tool that has the fluttering effect of a flag to draw attention but does not need wind to stay open.

Sail signs are designed to look like a sailboat flag and encompass feather flags and teardrop flags which are variants of sail flags. Feather flags and teardrop flags are great at capturing attention in various environments including malls, trade shows, and especially outdoor events.

We offer custom printed feather flags and teardrop flags that can be printed single sided and double sided. All our sail flags can be customized to best fit your personal needs. We offer advertising flags with ground spikes which are best suited as outdoor flags if you are planning to use these special advertising flying flags on a beach or outdoor sporting event where there is dirt or grass. We also offer water base and cross base banner flags that can be used as both indoor and outdoor flags that are highly portable and provide a weighted bottom which makes them great to bring to commercial events.

All our custom printed sail flags are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, but they are just as effective indoors as they are outdoors. The versatility of teardrop banners and feather flags allows them to be used in permanent settings in any business such as coffee shops to advertise special offers, for example. Our feather bow flags and teardrop flags have a unique shape that can be folded up and easily stored away and transported to your next event.

No matter what you need, you can start advertising your business with our vibrant sail flags that will successfully promote your business and make your brand memorable to potential customers.