Springer Sidewalk Signs with Weighted Water-fill Base for poster board advertising

Displays247 offers Springer Sidewalk Signs with Weighted fillable base to display outside your establishment to increase your store’s visibility to pedestrians walking up and down the sidewalk.

Our Sidewalk Signs with weighted water-fill base are perfect for keeping your sidewalk display in place regardless of the weather conditions. The weighted base is guaranteed to increase stability of your sign so that high winds won’t be able to blow your sign away and potentially injure a passerby. To use our water base signs, all you have to do is place your fillable base sign in the right spot outside your retail store of restaurant, fill the base with water, and watch your sign stand strong and attract attention of pedestrians walking by your store. All our weighted base sidewalk signs are made of either aluminum or durable plastic material that is easy to clean and built to last.

The aluminum frames come with snap edges which make loading and unloading of your graphics simple. We also offer springer board outdoor signs as a more economical option if you are not interested in a sidewalk sign that has an entire frame. These outdoor signs also have fillable bases to keep them weighted down. You also have the option to order a pavement sign on wheels to make moving of the sign easier. This is a nicer option especially if you fill the base with water and you don’t want to remove the water before taking the sign back into your store. This option will help you avoid potential injuries in carrying heavy weighted sidewalk signs.

Displays247 offers signboards with water-fill bases of various sizes so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a giant sign if you’re only in the market for something a little more discrete. That being said, we also have large fillable base signs if you are looking for a more prominent display.

Find your perfect water-based sidewalk sign for your outdoor display on our website today!

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