Restaurant Signage

Restaurant Signage is a great way to display menu items and specials inside and outside of your establishment. Displays247 offers several different styles of restaurant signage for sidewalk, windows, floor, and countertops all of which can be customized to match the ambiance you are going for.

You can use our restaurant sign holders to advertise not only menu items, but also any events that your restaurant may be showcasing, such as sporting games, trivia nights or karaoke nights, live music, and much more! We offer affordable options for displaying your posters and signs which are all easy to set-up and take down if needed.

Our outdoor restaurant signs are the most durable because they are designed to withstand inclement weather conditions. Displays247 offers menu boards and stands that are constructed with durable aluminum and feature a swing-open design that makes it easy for employees to update the menu or poster enclosed in the frame. We also offer traditional and digital menu boards and stands so you can select which option best fits your needs and budget. Our outdoor menu cases keep your contents safe in all weather conditions and come in various sizes. From 11” by 17” menu sign frames, all the way up to 5 feet wide, Displays247 can accommodate almost every type of media. With their cork board or magnetic backing, you can attach your prints with push pins or magnets however you please. These menu boards can be used in many other locations such as community centers, schools, and offices.

Our menu stands are a more modern option for restaurant. The sleek and minimalistic design works well in any establishment and can enhance the décor of your restaurant. These floor standing signs can be customized such that it appeals to each individual user. You can choose to tilt the faceplate, adjust the vertical height of the stand, add illumination options to create an eye-catching display even at night, and change the orientation of the sign.

To appeal to a more modern restaurant, we also offer digital menu boards that are by far the easiest to customize. You simply create your display on a computer, and share it with customers on the large, high-resolution screens. By investing in a floor standing digital menu board, you are saving time and money by avoiding having to print and hang up posters in your restaurant every time you need to display a daily or monthly special. These reusable displays work especially well in fast-paced environments like fast food restaurants, malls, or high-end bistro, where they give customers the ability to see all the menu options and provide additional information such as the nutritional facts of each menu item. It truly is the perfect way to display as much information as the customer would ever need to see!

On the other hand, if you own a café or restaurant that is more hipster, our restaurant chalkboard signs, restaurant A-frames, and sandwich boards would be right up your alley. These menu displays are the perfect addition to complete the ambience of your restaurant. Our chalkboard menu sign frames can be used indoors and outdoors as an advertising tool that is quick and easy to read. By using colourful chalk or markers you can create a display that is eye catching and impossible to miss and potential customers walk by your store. Our chalkboard signs come in a couple of options; the classic sidewalk sign that features an A-frame design, or a wall chalkboard that is easily mounted on any wall surface. If a chalkboard surface is not something you are looking for, Displays 24/7 also offers sidewalk signs and A-frames that come with custom printed graphics and customized messages.

By placing these signs in front of your restaurant, it will be hard for pedestrians to miss. We offer water base weighted sidewalk signs if you need extra support, plastic A-frame signs if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend tons of money for a weatherproof sign, metal A-frame signs if you would like to use this type of display indoors, and T-style spring base signs. All our chalkboard and sandwich boards are sure to captivate your customers!

If you are in the market for a display that can be hung up high and reads “Now Open! Come on in!”, then our restaurant flags and banners are the perfect promotional tool for you. We offer retractable and non retractable banner stands that are lightweight to make it easy to transport and set up, but also sturdy so that you won’t have to worry about the display falling over. In addition, our hanging banners and flags are another great advertising tool for your restaurant as you can create custom printed displays that are 100% weather resistant. We also offer sail signs, teardrop, and feather flags, street pole banners, pop-up sideline banners, tabletop banners, backpack banners, and banner rails so that you can create an effective advertising display that is guaranteed to grab passerby attention and increase brand recognition. If you are curious about the details of our restaurant banners and flags, and for more options other than specific uses for restaurants, be sure to head over to our Banners and Flags category.

Displays247 also offers table signs as an alternative advertising option if you are running out of space on the floor or the walls of your establishment. Our tabletop holders can be used in more up-scale restaurants and casual cafes as we offer a variety of these countertop signs. From restaurant table signs to picture frames for your tabletop, we have table sign options for just about any venue and occasion. If you do have room to spare on your walls, we have just the right signage option for you. We offer various menu sign frames that can be mounted on just about any wall that fits your style and budget. If you are looking for more sign frame options, check out of Posters and Poster Holders category for various hanging displays, wall-mounted poster frames, light boxes, and much more! Whether you are looking for restaurant table signs, simple countertop signs, table tents, or tabletop displays, Displays247 has you covered.

Browse our online catalogue for various styles and designs of restaurant signage, or head over to our other signage categories if you can’t quite find what you are looking for.

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