Menu Displays

Are you looking for ways to display your menus outdoors or indoors? Look no further because Displays247 has Menu Displays and menu stands that are perfect for this exact application!

You can advertise your daily specials and feature special promotions with our restaurant menu cases right outside your establishment so that everyone can see it. We offer a wide variety of outdoor menu cabinets that come in various sizes and styles so you can pick whatever menu board is right for you. By placing a menu board or menu stand outside your establishment, you are promoting your business to guests before they even come into your restaurant. They are designed to draw customer attention to the advertisements or welcome patrons into your restaurant.

Menu sign stands and restaurant display boxes are critical to the success of your business and can help entice customers into your establishment. Displays247 offers two main styles of menu displays including wall mounted menu display cases and traditional and digital menu stand holders.

Our outdoor menu displays can be mounted on walls and come with all the mounting hardware and installation instructions to ensure that setting up your menu display is easy. They are manufactured with aluminum and lined with rubber gaskets to ensure that your outdoor menu case can withstand inclement weather. All our displays for advertising menus outdoors come in two different styles of backing to mount your posters and promotions. These include a self-healing cork backing and a magnetic backing to give you the flexibility to choose between using magnets or push pins. These outdoor displays can be ordered in several sizes ranging from 11 inches by 17 inches up to 5 feet wide to accommodate just about any size of poster or advertisement. All our outdoor display cases feature a locking mechanism to eliminate tampering and keep your contents safe from moisture damage. Additionally, some of our designs can incorporate a header area for either displaying a logo or specific information to draw reader’s attention to your board. These menu boards are very versatile because they can be just as effective indoors as they are outdoors. You can place them in community centers to feature informational graphics, in schools to display cafeteria menu options for the day, and even offices. You also have the option to order illuminated outdoor menu cases that will shine bright at night and is guaranteed to catch customer attention.

Displays247 also offers sleek floor standing signs that can be placed inside or outside your restaurant. They feature adjustable height and rotating capabilities, and are made with one of three materials: aluminum, steel, or acrylic. Some of our sign holders feature a combination of these materials into one stand. This is because we want you to have the option of ordering a unit that meets all business owner’s styles, budget, and durability standards. The bases of our signs that are made with steel will provide you with the most stability as it is the heaviest of the three materials we offer.

The actual signage frame/plate is constructed of either of the three materials. Our aluminum framing features a snap-open design so that you can securely contain your contents, while maintaining a lightweight sign. Our acrylic and steel frames are magnetic which makes them ideal for businesses who are constantly changing their posters and advertisements. Regardless of the material you choose, our menu stands are guaranteed to entice customers to enter your establishment or make them feel welcomed once they are already inside.

By incorporating menu stands in your environment, you are creating a friendly interaction between your business and potential customers. Because menu stands are one of the first things people see when they walk by your restaurant, it’s important to have a stand that has a sleek and stylish design, that also enhances the décor of your restaurant. As mentioned before, our menu stands can be adjusted vertically and tilted to allow all customers to view the information, but they can also be illuminated to increase visibility, and switch between horizontal and vertical orientations to accommodate a variety of signages. Our menu boards and menu stands are truly an excellent and versatile solution for displaying information inside or outside your restaurant. Browse our designs to find the right exterior menu boards for your advertising needs!

The investment is 100% worth what you get out of it. Go green by ordering your own digital menu board today!

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