Markers and Magnets for bulletin boards, chalkboards and whiteboards

Markers and Magnets are a must-have accessory to add to your order of message and notice boards.

Whether you decide to go with our chalkboard signs, A-frame signs, whiteboards, or flip charts, you 100% require a writing tool to go with it. Other whiteboard accessories including magnets, markers, and erasers are also essential if you order a whiteboard with us today.

Depending on your reason for purchasing our boards, you might need a variety of different accessories. That is why Displays247 has included a large selection of various whiteboard and chalkboard accessories. We offer erasable markers that come in a variety of colors so that you can create the perfect customized display to place inside or outside your establishment.

Chalk markers, also known as liquid chalk markers or chalk ink markers, are a high-precision writing utensil for writing on chalk boards instead of the classic thick chalk which sticks to your hands and can get pretty messy. For our whiteboards, we offer wet and dry erase board markers. We also stock whiteboard magnets so that you can post printed material on your display. For our blackboards, we have blackboard markers in case you don’t want to deal with the pain of getting chalk all over your clothes and face. Unsure of what to get?

Displays247 offers dry erase marker kits that includes a basic selection of everything you might need to get you started. Once you have tested the waters a bit with our dry erase markers and bulletin board markers, you can always come back for more! Make your message board come to life with our accessories!

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