Enclosed Bulletin Boards for Outdoor Use

Looking for a Bulletin Board for Outdoor Use or an outdoor tack board to display your messages, notices, and posters? Look no further, because Displays247 has just the thing for you.

Our outdoor bulletin board cabinet with aluminum frames provides a lightweight and durable solution to your outdoor cork board needs. Our weather proof bulletin boards are sure to keep your messages dry and damage-free. These enclosed weatherproof cork boards are perfect for displaying information on national or provincial park bulletin boards, outside schools or community centers are they are very successful at keeping the wind and rain out.

Displays247 understands that having displaying information outdoors poses a risk of someone tampering with the display and either removing or damaging information posted or putting up their own signs. Because of this, we have designed lockable bulletin boards for exterior so that you won’t have to worry about damages! Not only do our lockable bulletin boards keep unwanted people away from your information, but it also keeps unwanted weather from damaging your display. All our outdoor bulletin boards are designed to be waterproof which makes them perfect for rainy weather conditions; the most inclement type that can surely ruin your messages and notices.

Our outdoor bulletin boards also come with the option of including a header for adding your business name or slogan to compliment your building or store. We also offer outdoor whiteboards, outdoor dry erase boards, outdoor magnetic bulletin boards, and illuminated bulletin boards for outdoors to give you a variety of styles other than the classic cork bulletin board in case you are looking for something different.

One very prominent place you see outdoor Enclosed Bulletin Boards used are outside restaurants as menu displays case. These waterproof bulletin boards are great for putting your menu on display outside of your restaurant so that passerby can view your specials when out for a stroll.

We also offer an LED menu box so that your menu is sure to not only stand out during the day, but also in darker environments or nasty weather conditions thanks to our waterproof menu case/outdoor menu case.

Check out of diverse selection of outdoor bulletin boards!

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