Enclosed Bulletin Board Cases for offices, schools, churches, community centers

Need a place to display important messages or posters? We have just the right thing for you! Our enclosed Bulletin Board Cases are perfect for displaying information in businesses, schools, churches, offices, and community centers. They are designed to be both professional and eye-catching, and come in a variety of sizes so you don’t have to worry about squeezing a bunch of information is a small area.

We have designed them to withstand repeated tacking from push pins, staples, and thumbtacks in indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, our enclosed bulletin boards are made with aluminum frames that are both lightweight and sturdy, ideal for hanging on walls.

Our aluminum frames feature bulletin boards with swing-open doors or slide-open doors for easy access and set-up of your messages and notices. We also offer locking bulletin boards and magnet receptive enclosed bulletin boards each designed with their unique purpose. Enclosed bulletin boards are an especially popular option for displaying information in outdoor areas because their casing protects posted information from inclement weather conditions that might otherwise be compromised.

Displays247 offers a wide selection of enclosed bulletin board cases including enclosed cork boards, enclosed fabric boards, and enclosed notice boards with dry erase surfaces. Our enclosed bulletin boards with natural cork are strong and built to last several uses. Our cork boards come with locking doors for schools, businesses, churches, and communities so that you can place them in classrooms, hallways, offices etc., without having to worry about anyone tearing down messages or posted unwanted information. We have lockable bulletin boards not only made with cork material, but also fabric and dry erases surfaces that are especially great if you would like to prohibit access to anyone. We also offer enclosed fabric boards in case you want to switch it up from the traditional cork boards.

These enclosed bulletin boards leave you with a smooth and clean professional background. We offer enclosed bulletin boards with magnetic back-wall that can be mounted onto any magnetic surface such as whiteboards and fridges. We also offer enclosed bulletin boards with light so that your messages and posters can be seen even at night or in dark areas.

Because these bulletin boards are enclosed, you don’t have to worry about any rain damaging the lights. The great thing about enclosed bulletin boards is that they can be used for literally any purpose and look great in restaurants, schools, information centres, theatres, break rooms, you name it! Make your messages noticed by displaying them in one of our bulletin boards!

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