Bulletin Boards | Notice Boards for indoor and outdoor use

Bulletin Boards and Notice Boards are used in all kinds of locations to share information with passerby. Whether you are looking for bulletin boards for schools, restaurants, or businesses, we offer a variety of styles so you can choose what best fits your needs.

Looking to display notices in your classroom so your students can see when assignments are due? We have bulletin boards for exactly that. Need an outdoor bulletin board for your new message or notice in a provincial park along a trail? We have enclosed bulletin boards that will do just the trick! Displays247 has many message board styles including enclosed, open, outdoor, and draw-on. Each of our notice boards come in different materials including cork, fabric, whiteboard, and chalkboard so you can find an information board that is best for you!

Message boards in general are designed as a multi-use advertising tool, so that you can continue to use your notice boards over and over again. Displays247 offers free standing bulletin boards, notice displays, and bulletin board stands so that you can display your message or notice in any location of your choice. Enclosed cork boards are a great way to effortlessly pin up and take down your notices and will protect all the contents on your board because of their casing.

Our enclosed bulletin boards come with locking capabilities so that you can keep the contents inside the casing secured from unauthorized access. If you wish to display this information outside in one of our enclosed dry erase boards or enclosed cork boards, we have designed special outdoor bulletin boards that can withstand any outdoor weather condition and protect your message. You can also achieve a similar look with our enclosed fabric boards and regular fabric bulletin boards.

With these notice boards, you have the option to select the color of your fabric so you can best match your environment. If you are more environmentally conscious or would simply like to have the option to change your messages on the fly, we also offer paper-free message boards including bulletin boards for schools, churches, offices, community centres, are many more settings. Notice boards with dry erase surfaces like our enclosed whiteboards allow you to use dry erase markers to manually write your messages or notices; this message board option is especially popular in classrooms.

Other paper-free options include chalk boards and marker boards that look great inside and outside restaurants and cafes. All you have to do is pick your colors and write your customized message on the board. You can decorate your chalk boards and marker boards any way you desire! Use your imagination to grab passerby attention. Place our chalkboard sidewalk signs, chalkboard A-frames, or marker board A-frame signs outside your restaurant, café, or retail store to attract potential customers to sales and promotions. We also offer dry erase easels and flip charts as other portable options.

These message boards are great for taking with you to presentations and trade shows. Classic, practical, or elegant, whatever the occasion is, Displays247 has endless message boards and notice boards options!

Browse our information boards today and find the best fit for you!

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