Chalkboards | Wet Erase Boards for restaurants and hotels

When you think of Chalkboards your mind probably goes to the classic wooden Wet Erase Board or Blackboard from elementary school and high school that your teacher would use to carry out lessons. These wall-mounted chalk boards are a traditional example of how people can successfully display information that is easy to read.

Displays247 has a variety of wall Wet Erase Boards and A-Frame Chalkboards for your restaurant, bar, nightclub, office, or classroom. We offer wall chalkboards that are easily mounted on any wall surface, as well as wooden A-boards that are easily foldable and moveable, perfect as a write on sandwich sign for restaurants.

Our wall mounted Wet Erase Boards are manufactured with pre-drilled holes and come with hooks so that you can easily mount your chalk menu board or any other display board on the wall. These chalkboard signs are particularly great if you have limited floor space inside or outside your establishment.

As a result of displaying your sign high up on a wall, your messages can be seen from larger distances. If you are not committed to drilling holes into any of the walls in your store.

Displays247 offers chalkboard easels that can be placed indoors and outdoors on floors. A-frame styles and sidewalk sign frames with write-on blackboards are an especially popular way to display menu features outside your restaurant or cafe year-round. Simply write your menu items on the chalkboard and decorate it as you see fit. It is highly customizable as it can be tailored specifically to include drawings of items that are featured on your menu. Adding visual cues to compliment text on our chalkboard A-frames to create a colorful display will undoubtedly capture the attention of passerby. These A-frame chalkboards can be ordered with different wood frames so that you have the option to select which frame best suits your needs. Chalk board menu displays are great advertising tools for your lunch or drink specials.

Sidewalk write-on A-boards are also convenient for workers as they are easy to wipe off the written messages and write on new ones. All you need is a wet cloth to change any minor mistakes on the sign. Chalk boards are a great way to display information indoors, you can use various colors to create a fantastic looking display that is eye catching and tailored to match your setting.

Display your messages and find the perfect framed chalk board for your establishment on our website today! Don’t forget to check out our markers so that you select the perfect tool for your board.

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