Cork boards | Notice boards for schools, offices and churches

Cork Boards provide you with a way to continuously update messages and notices in break rooms, cafeterias, community centres, churches, or other environments.

Cork boards, notice boards for offices, classrooms or conference rooms, cork pin boards, tack boards, whatever you want to call it, Displays247 offers a wide selection of cork bulletin boards.

Our framed cork boards feature an aluminum or wood frame that is sturdy and lightweight and built to last in any indoor environment. We offer open face cork boards so that updating and removing information and posts is a quick and hassle-free process. Interested in a material that isn’t cork for your bulletin board?

Displays247 also offers fabric bulletin boards where you can customize the color of fabric for your background to achieve a sleeker and more professional look that matches your environment. Most of our options are aluminum framed cork boards that match almost any setting because of their neutral color.

Looking for something a little more economical? We offer cheap framed corkboards that are a great option for one time uses and come in variety of choices of frames. Our traditional tack boards are also an economical option if you are looking to save a few bucks.

Check out our options so you can order your framed cork boards for community notices and posts today! If you are interested in outdoor framed cork boards, be sure to check out our selection of outdoor bulletin boards on our website.

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