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Create Attractive Illuminated Displays

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Light Boxes

Want your poster display to be just as visible at night as during the day? Poster light boxes are the best solution for you!

LED light boxes are designed to shine bright in subway stations and outdoor areas even at night. These poster displays are sure to get passerby attention from across the street or, if big enough, even across the highway. We offer indoor and outdoor light boxes with LED illuminated snap frames to make changing your backlit posters a breezy process.

A very common place to see light boxes are when you go out for a movie night with your friends or family and are walking towards the entrance. On the front side of the movie theater there are movie poster frames with light so they can advertise the movies they have playing in their theater to anyone remotely close. These illuminated poster displays can be seen from far distances both during the day and especially at night when driving on the streets or on the highway. But light box signages don’t necessarily have to be big; you can also choose to display your poster in a small light box to place on tabletops.

LED sign holders and LED light boxes are especially popular for retail stores and are used to indicate if the store is open or closed, as well as hours of operation.

Our SEG signage gives a polished finish for your backlit poster frames, leaving you with a professional and sleek looking display. These light box stands are very powerful advertising tools that allow you to promote your products or events in any environment.

So browse our website today so that you can find the perfect backlit display for your store or event.