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Tabletop Poster Boards

Looking for a portable and durable display for your next presentation? Our poster display boards are the way to go! The classic 3-panel tabletop presentation displays are a traditional way to display graphics and present information at university club fairs, conferences, farmers markets, and many other events. But unlike the old fashion 3 panel table stands made of cardboard that are only good for one time use, our tabletop display boards are designed to last you multiple events. Our poster boards with hoop and loop receptors make constructing your display that much easier. Displays247 manufactures presentation panel boards and presentation display boards with quality material at an affordable price. We offer exhibition display boards for school presentations, college recruitment, and trade shows. Our 3-panel table displays and folding panel displays are very easy to set up and can highlight your booth at trade shows and conferences to receive customer attention. These portable display boards can be stored away until your next event without any problems and keep your content safe during transportation. Choose our poster display boards for your next event as a practical option for displaying your graphics!