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Exhibit Travel Cases

Ordering all this fancy and expensive equipment for your event is great and all, but what happens if you don’t have something to keep it safe from damages inflicted during transport? Trade show storage cases are a necessary investment to keep your presentation equipment safe and increase its life cycle. Displays247 offers everything you need to get all your trade show equipment to your event safe and sound. Our online selection features hard shell trade show cases and travel cases with wheels and padding. These options are great if you have expensive equipment or delicate technology, or even small pieces for prize wheels and mini games that you want to make sure you don’t lose.

We’ve got you covered for all the different shapes and sizes of containers that you need to keep all your equipment organized and easy to transport. Our trade show graphics cases are made for transporting items like posters and smaller accessories like pens, pamphlets, and booklets. Bigger travel cases for exhibit equipment will fit items like backdrop frames, chairs, TV stands, and shelves.

These trade show carry cases are normally equipment with carrying handles and wheels to make moving heavy items easier and safer for your employees. Our reusable trade show travel cases are made with durable material to ensure that they won’t crumble or dent like regular cardboard or plastic boxes would to eliminate the worries of damaging your items.

Displays247 was also thinking of companies that send employees overseas to travel to trade shows around the world. That is why we’ve designed a special selection of trade show shipping cases that can be checked onto airplanes. Not sure what type of trade show carry cases you will need? Displays247 has just about everything you need for each of your equipment needs. We offer utility carts for transporting several items at once and trade show graphics storage models with hard plastic shells, gliding casters, and padded cases. Our padded cases are great for carrying expensive equipment like TV’s and AV equipment or fragile lighting components.

Out hard plastic shelled carrying cases feature butterfly latches that snap into place and successfully keep your contents secured. For your items that don’t need to be protected as much but would be tedious to carry one at a time, our over the shoulder carrying bags, constructed from canvas, feature nylon straps that make it easy to store and carry from event to event.

Trade show graphics storage is an invaluable addition to your trade show equipment and can be used hundreds of times for any event. Don’t risk damaging your exhibit and event equipment. View our trade show carry cases for a wide selection of small, medium, large, and extra-large carrying case options for storage and transport.

Choose our padded cases for trade show supplies that you want to prevent from damage at all cost.