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Create Attractive Prize Games

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Custom Prize Games

If you want to attract passerby to your booth at any event, adding interactive and promotional games is the best way to create an inviting and friendly environment. By adding a prize wheel to your booth, you are sure to captivate customers with their spinning design. You can successfully create engaging contests with our trade show game options to entertain event visitors. These are also perfect to use during fundraising events because the colorful prize wheels and raffle drums that you feature will create awareness and increase your chances of having passerby donate to your cause. Displays247 offers game for fundraising events for this exact reason. A few other great places to feature fun games are at office parties and in schools. What better way to gather a group of people in one area than to have an event game where different parties can compete to win prizes.

Displays247 offers several different types of fundraiser games and event games including prize wheels with custom printed graphics, bag toss game kits, prize drop boards, mini golf prize putt games, raffle drums, and even selfie frames! Our classic spin prize wheels have fillable slots that you can fill with custom printed graphics. You can make these prize spinners as vibrant as you wish to create a hypnotic display that is hard to miss. We also offer spinners that have write-on surfaces if you want a little more flexibility. Head over to our Markers category to find some really great writing utensils for your prize wheel. Place these prize spinners on your tabletop to pull people towards your booth. Our raffle drums are a little less interactive than our other trade show games, but they are a great way to raise money for your fundraising event while giving contributors a chance to win something as well. We offer brass raffle drums with a crank that can be used to mix up the ballots and select a winner. We also offer acrylic raffle drums that are completely see through so your contributors can see the drum filling up with ballots and increase the probability of other contributors. This style of raffle drum features a locking mechanism, so you won’t have to worry about passerby tampering with the contents.

Displays247 also gives you the option to order tickets and ballots. Our prize drop board games are made of plastic and can be customized to the max. Each of our styles features a sign holder at the top so you can incorporate your company’s logo or brand. The way this trade show game works is by using gravity to allow the different sections of the games to physically drop down and reveal prizes. Each of the sections have their own slots to customize what you want to display. Our pinball and bag toss trade show games are the most interactive and fun of our options. The pinball game are designed to be placed on a tabletop and features customizable signage. Our bag toss games can be placed on the floor or on a tabletop, depending on where you want people to be enjoying your fun trade show game. Trade show games attract attention of every bystander no matter the age. Their colorful and interactive spin prize wheels will entice bystanders by having the option for them to take a break from all the serious business taking place around them. Trade show games are the perfect way to add life to your booth.