Imprinted Convertible Tablecloths

Worried about having to spend a lot of money ordering several different sizes of the same custom printed table covers because you are not sure that the tables will be the same size? Stop worrying today and order our convertible table throws for your next event to guarantee a tablecloth that is always the right size.

Our custom printed convertible table covers can be adjusted to fit almost every table size while leaving you with the same professional and crisp look any traditional table cover would. We offer adjustable table throws to fit 4-6 feet long tables and 6-8 feet long tables so you can feel like you have one tablecloth that can fit a couple of different table sizes.

The variation in size gives you plenty of room to custom print your business name, logos, and convey your brand message. You can order your convertible table cloths for business events and trade shows in various colours or choose to keep it simple; we have styles for everyone’s needs. The convertible table throws with custom printing we offer is a great solution for personalizing your tabletop to attract attention at your next event and leave a positive impression with customers.

View our customizable table throw options and give yourself a piece of mind for your next event by selecting a convertible table throw to fit your needs today!