Banners for exhibits and events - blog

Exhibit and Event Banners are a perfect way to attract attention to your outdoor event or show booth. 

Depending on the style you choose, some of our Event Banners have the added element of motion that attracts more attention compared to stationary signs. Displays247 offers a variety of Event Banners for your business needs, ranging from modern and sleek, to more traditional options. We have retractable banners that are known for their easy and quick set-up time, as well as their ability to house your banner inside the frame to make it easy for storing away and travel. We also have non-retractable banner displays that are just as easy to set up due to their lightweight nature. Both styles of event banners are great to have right by your booth to display advertising banner graphics.

A more unique style of event banners are our hanging banners and flags that can be suspended above your show booth at an event so that even attendees of the exhibit across the hall will know exactly where to find you. Thinking of a way for your employees to be a part of the advertising process? Our backpack banners are a very convenient way to subtly and effectively display your message as a hands-free promotional tool. If you are interested in knowing more about our Event Banners, scroll through our products to find out what styles we offer!

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