Branded Table Runners - blog

Layer up your tabletop with our custom printed table runners and create that attention-grabbing look your booth deserves.

Whether you are looking to add more layers to your tabletop to emphasize your presence, or simply looking for a more cost-effective option, our branded table runners for business events, exhibitions, and trade shows are perfect for you.

Table runners are extremely versatile as they can basically fit to any table you are given so you can carry them from one event to the next. You can accent tablecloths with our custom printed table runners by pairing it with one of our simple and plain smooth fabric table covers as an affordable alternative. This will not only save you some money but will also add an extra layer of detail to create contrast and make your booth pop in a professional, yet affordable way.

Personalization of your tabletop is made easy with our table runners as they can be placed anywhere you desire to give your booth the look you want. We offer standard, lateral, and accent table runners with satin trim options for you to choose what best fits your needs.

Use them as a promotional tool by putting your logo or customized message on our custom printed table runners and drape them over the table at your next event for an accented and bold look that will leave a notable impression on customers or passerby.