Poster and Banner Hangers made of aluminum, with strong grip for hanging banners of many sizes.

Aluminum poster and banner hangers are a great and economical way to market your posters right inside your retail store or café. Not only are our sign hangers designed for easy set-up and poster changing, but they come in a variety of sizes so you can hang your display no matter the size.

Our poster hangers and banner hangers are designed with snap-open aluminum rails with strong grips for hanging banners of all sizes. You can hang your posters with our banner hanging hardware found on our website. All our banner rail kits, with top and/or bottom rails, feature a suspended banner hanging system so your customers won’t be able to ignore the advertisement or promotion. In addition, because they are suspended so high up, they can reach customers that are not directly in front of the hanging sign.

These poster hangers also offer a way to display your poster without taking up any floor space in your store or during your event. These sign rails are great for displaying your poster or graphic behind large windows or above aisles in your store.

Displays247 manufactures snap-open aluminum poster rails and banner rails so that you can effortlessly snap-open the rails, place your poster in, and snap it right back up. Easy as 1,2,3, these marketing tools provide a hassle-free set-up and can be used as many times as you please.

The limit is as big as your poster! Order your ceiling-mounted sign rails from us today and you’ll be installing some very effective marketing posters in no time!

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