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Want to display your brochures and magazines in a professional organizer? Displays247 has literature holders that are specially designed to effectively display your marketing materials to make distribution of pamphlets and brochures easy and organized.

By placing your vibrant graphics into our literature holders, you can increase your brand recognition by enticing them with your display. Literature displays are an affordable and practical solution for displaying your pamphlets, leaflets, and flyers for the purpose of keeping prospective customers informed about your business and what it has to offer. Sure you can scatter your literature on a table and not invest a single dime into literature displays, but you can create a far more attractive display for everyone to see even if you’re standing several feet away by raising your literature up to eye-level.

We offer both angled and vertical literature holders in various styles so you can choose whichever style best suits your brochure holder needs. Our designs include floor standing literature holders, wall mounted literature holders, and countertop literature holders, that are made from various materials to fit your budget. We have molded plastic and acrylic brochure displays that provide great cost benefit if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a display. They are our most population style of literature holders that we offer and can be ordered in bulk for convenience purposes.

We also offer cardboard literature holders that are extremely cost saving because of the way that they are shipped. Our cardboard brochure holders are shipped flat and assembled later by the buyer. The nature of the compact design reduces our shipping costs which results in huge savings for our buyers. Next is our wire flyer racks that have outstanding durability while maintaining a lower cost and are offered in black and silver.

Our wooden countertop literature holders are perfect for offices, hotels, and restaurants where the décor is more sophisticated so that you can provide your customers with any information they require in a professional manner. Displays247 is also happy to let you know that we also offer exterior brochure holders that are meant for outdoors. They are made with weatherproof material that features a lid to protect your marketing materials from snow, rain, and shine. Our floor standing literature displays are a great solution for businesses with limited floor space but lots of material to display.

We offer three main types of literature stands that are designed to hold different types of printed media. First off, we have brochure stands that are manufactured with 4” wide slots to hold tri-fold pamphlets. You can order these tri-fold pamphlet stands with only a few pockets, or up to 40 pockets to accommodate every business. Floor standing displays are especially popular in tourist areas like souvenir shops and hotels where local destinations and fun activities are offered through advertising materials. By placing these freestanding brochure stands by the front entrance, your guests or customers won’t be able to miss your advertisements. Our second style of catalog stands feature adjustable pockets for businesses who are looking to display literature of various sizes. They can fit magazines, catalogs, and other material by removing or adding dividers to free up or split up the slots. These are an especially popular options because of the flexibility the design provides. Our final main type of floor standing literature holder is our floor racks that are designed for magazine sized material. These designs are most popular in doctor’s offices, chiropractors, dentist offices, drug stores, grocery stores, gas stations, and many other establishments so that patients and customers can kill time while waiting for their prescriptions to be filled, waiting for their appointment, or waiting in line. While these floor-standing displays are a more permanent solution that is harder to move around frequently, we also offer more mobile literature displays that are designed for convenience of travelling.

Our tabletop brochure holders are specifically designed for expos and trade shows. They feature a collapsible design that can be easily transported with little effort, and a high visibility design that can be customized to fit your needs. Depending on which style of tabletop literature display you want, we can incorporate custom printed graphics like a logo or slogan to attract even more attention to your display. They are a great promotional tool for presenting marketing materials in retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, and information centres that require very little space for displaying and are perfect for businesses with few literatures. Our styles include single and multi-tier designs that come in either clear acrylic, wood, wire, or cardboard construction so that there is something to fit every business’s budget.

The multi-tiered literature displays keep tabletops and countertops organized while offering customers various informational graphics. Our clear acrylic brochure holders are guaranteed to maximize visibility of printed materials because of the see-through design. The wooden literature holders are best suited for upscale establishments due to the elegant design. Our metal and wire tabletop holders are extremely durable and can feature a revolving base. The most affordable option, and perfect for exhibitors, are our cardboard brochure holders. Easy to set up, take down, and store, these portable holders are offered in a variety of sizes and can be customized with your logo and branding information. Displays247 also offers wall mounted brochure holders for businesses with limited to no floor or countertop space. These literature holders are great for accenting walls with an eye-catching display that can effectively market informational graphics simply because of their strategic placement.

They maximize visibility by being mounted at eye level with colorful media organized and presented in a professional manner. We offer various styles of brochure and magazine holders including multi- and single- pocket cases for entertainment and educational purposes in offices, clinics, schools, etc. You have a lot of flexibility with our wall mounted brochure holders so that you can place whatever content you wish; from magazines to tri-fold brochures. Many of our models include many tiers or rows to allow full customizability of the amount of content you wish to display on your walls. We also offer office file racks and cubicle hangers for organizing your literature. For the real estate industry, or for anyone who wishes to place advertisements outside their establishment, we have exterior literature wall holders designed to protect your material from nasty weather conditions while allowing access to anyone who walks by.

Take advantage of our sophisticated line up of wall literature holders, freestanding brochure displays, and tabletop holders. We carry literature holders for everyone’s needs no matter the application or industry. Invest in an easy-access marketing tool to hold your literature and increase customer awareness with Displays247.

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