iPad Stands and Tablet Stands

Tablet stands are truly revolutionary marketing tools that can take presentations to the next level.  Displays247 offers a variety of tablet holders and displays for several models of tablets including iPad stands, iPad air stands, iPad pro stands, android tablet stands, and surface tablet stands. 

With the increased use and advances in technology, it’s not an uncommon thing to see exhibitors bring iPads and tablets with them to events. They are very capable of containing all the information and graphics needed for these types of events. Not only can they store all the information that you would need to print out and display at your booth, but they are also another way to make your booth more interactive and enticing. Tablet stands are truly revolutionary marketing tools that can take presentations to the next level. Their portability is by far the most convenient compared to other tabletop displays and signs if stored properly to avoid damage.

We offer locking models of tablet stands that are most ideal for public events, whereas our non-locking tablet holders are best for residential uses. If you are considering using tablets at your business and are worried about tampering, some of our point of sale tablets and iPad kiosk can be screwed into the counter or floor for additional security. If you’re wondering what businesses use tablet mounts, you won’t have to think too hard.

Hotels are among the most common places you will find these tablet interactive kiosks where guests can check themselves in and out of their rooms. Even some restaurants, cafes, and retails stores use iPad countertop stands for keeping track of seating areas and reservations and making transactions. You will also see tablet countertop stands used by food truck vendors frequently because they take up a lot less space than cash registers do and fit better with the modern age where everything is paid for with tap cards or phones. iPads are also a fantastic and cost eliminating way to have in-depth presentations prepared and organized for business trade shows. Simply set up an iPad floor stand and stand by your display to chat with passerby’s about your products and services which you can interactively display on your iPad. You can even use tablets to create selfie stations at your booth for people to take pictures and post them on their social media accounts using a custom hashtag that will get your name out there. There are so many different and fun ways to utilize these interactive marketing tools at any event. The next step is to figure out which enclosure you require based on your needs.

Displays247 offers various styles of iPad and tablet stands for business and personal uses. Our most popular products in this category are our floor stand device holders. These floor stands are very versatile and can be placed in any location to optimize exposure. Restaurants can place our iPad stands in the waiting area where customers can view menu features and drink specials while they wait for their table. They are a great way to engage customers and visitors in every setting, whether it may be at a trade show, in a mall retail store, at a café, or at the airport. Podium style device holders can be used for presentations in conferences and business meetings in office spaces. Many of our tablet and iPad holders have give you the option to adjust the height so that it can be tailored to the user.

Another feature on our iPad stands are their locking abilities. Inside our cases are brackets that can be adjusted to tightly secure your tablet and ensure that it will not be stolen or tampered with. Any of our styles of tablet stands that have locking capabilities are desirable for more public places like malls and airports. These device stands minimize cable exposure to increase the safety of passerby’s and make the display look more professional. While the ones that are non-locking can be used in a more corporate setting for when you bring your surface to the meeting room and have all your documents and presentation on your laptop. They are also used in home environments so various purposes such as for music, kitchen use, or listening to music. Some of our tablet floor stands feature custom posters and magazine holders as an additional accessory if that is something you are interested in. We offer our floor stands in a few styles: straight poles, curved poles, and curved stands, as well as cord management options to achieve a clean and spiffy look. Some of our covers allow you to rotate the device 360 degrees for optimal use. Our floor stands are manufactured with either circular or square bases with the capability of being secured directly to the floor. If you are looking to display informational graphics, presentations, or any other poster type sign, touchscreen devices are a modern and sophisticated way to do so. And having the perfect iPad floor stand that can safely and properly contain your display in an elegant way will make the whole customer service experience a lot better for everyone. They are truly the perfect solution for modern advertising.

Another one of our products that are used to securely hold iPads are our tablet countertop stands. Countertop iPad holders are best used in indoor settings to increasing functionality and communication between devices and people. When incorporated into places like schools, offices, and medical facilities, they act as mobile workstations and are capable of being sanitized between uses because of the protective layer that is offered by our tabletop stands. In the food or retail industry, iPad point of purchase, also known as iPad POS, is becoming a more common way to make transactions especially for mobile businesses like food trucks attending events or pop up clothing sales at events. Countertop tablet holders are a revolutionary solution to help any business become a leading industry in taking advantage of this huge technology era. They are extremely affordable and customizable in the sense that if your company develops an app specifically for their needs, it can be used in harmony with your tablet and make the whole experience better. If used during trade show or conventions, they can be used to record information like who is attending and how many people came to your booth to see your presentation or filled out a survey for you. Restaurants can also use our tablet countertop stands to display their menu at their storefront to give guests the option of see what items you have on the menu before even coming into your store. This way, the menu can be automatically updated and reduces the amount of time employees have to spend printing out the menu and posting it outside your establishment. It truly provides a cutting-edge way for customers to look at menu options and reserve seating. Our countertop stands can fit any Apple tablet product and has felt material everywhere that the device touches the case to protect it from any damage.

Our other tablet products are our iPad wall-mounts. These iPad mounts are just another way for your business to create an interactive display for customers or make a great point of sale system. If businesses want to minimize the clutter on their countertops or don’t have enough countertop space to begin with, they can opt for our wall-mounts as another option to display their menu or give information about your merchandise by displaying your entire catalogue on them. Our tablet mounts feature locking mechanisms to prevent theft and tampering when used in public places. The cases and mounting hardware are all made with strong metals to provide a durable holder that will last you a long time. They are offered in black, silver, and white to allow you to choose which color best suits your establishment. The brackets are adjustable so you can angle and rotate the devices as you please.

Whether you choose to use tablets as promotional tools or a POS system to replace a cash register, Displays247 has all of your iPad and tablet stand needs that can fit any Apple model and other Android models. Be sure to check out the specifications on each of our products to see if the item you are interested in can fit your device.

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