Counter Mat Signs for custom printed posters

Featuring a protective lens, our Counter Mat Signs are a great way to display promotional items and advertisements in a strategic place. Different than our traditional tabletop sign stands and our floor standing or wall mounted displays, our countertop mats will increase customer exposure to promotions in all retail establishments. You can put your marketing message or picture right at the check-out beside the cash register or at customer service to remind customers of a product or service they might need before they leave your store.

Displays247 offers several different styles of custom printed and interchangeable counter mats for point-of-sale promotions in retail stores, machine shops where paperwork needs to be visible and protected, grocery stores where product codes need to be readily available, and many other work environments. Our tabletop mats are spill and scratch resistant which makes it ideal for settings that are prone to messes. We also have hard top models that can be easily wiped clean with a cloth, ideal for bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Our designs include acrylic material ranging from more flexible to rigid, plexi-tops with magnetic framing, and pre-printed graphic mats. This style of tabletop signage is so easy to use because all you have to do is place your advertisement on a tabletop of your choice, and simply place the counter mat overtop to keep the sign in place and protected. We also offer slide-in styles which work by physically inserting your graphics into the counter mat so that it is protected on both sides. Regardless of what you need, you’re guaranteed to find a counter mat that fits your budget and will last you a long time. Their durability and impact on customers exposure to advertising makes counter mats an incredibly valuable marketing tool. You are sure to get the best bang for your buck for our countertop mats.

The great thing about counter mat signs is that they don’t take up any extra space on your counter. They can double as a mouse pad or protective surface. Find the perfect counter mats and register signs for your store by browsing our online catalogue today! Not quite finding what you need? Check out our tabletop holders for more options!

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