Chalkboard Signs for Restaurants

Chalkboard Signs for Restaurants are a traditional example of how people can successfully display information that is easy to read. Displays247 has a variety of Write-on Menu Boards for your restaurant that are guaranteed to effectively display advertisements and information.

We offer wall chalkboards that are easily mounted on any wall surface, as well as wooden A-boards that easily foldable and moveable, perfect as a write-on sandwich sign for restaurants. Our chalkboard signs come with hooks so that you can easily mount your chalk menu display board on the wall.

These chalkboard signs are a great choice for your establishment if you have limited floor space. If you are not committed to drilling holes into any of the walls in your restaurant, Displays247 offers chalkboard easels that can be placed on floors. A-frame signs with write-on blackboards are an especially popular way to display menu features outside your restaurant or cafe year-round. Simply write your menu items on the chalkboard and decorate it as you see fit. It is highly customizable as it can be tailored specifically to include drawings of items that are featured on your menu.

Create a colorful display and it will undoubtedly capture the attention of passerby! Sidewalk chalkboard signs are also convenient for workers as they are easy to wipe off the written messages and write on new ones. All you need is a wet cloth to change any minor mistakes on the sign. Ditch the wasteful printer and paper method of displaying your messages and find the perfect Chalkboard Sign or write-on sandwich board for your establishment on our website today!

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