Chalkboard Sandwich Boards | Wet Erase A-Frame Signs

Chalkboard Sandwich Boards for restaurants and cafes are a popular choice of advertising especially in the summer when foot traffic is high. This is because these sidewalk chalkboard signs can increase the odds of pedestrians entering your store by strategically placing them on the sidewalk so that pedestrians are guaranteed to see your display and consider the 30% off sale your store is having. If you are looking for a way to handwrite your messages and promotions, our blackboard pavement signs are the perfect advertising tool for you!

Displays247 offers chalkboard sidewalk signs that you can personalize with chalk, as well as printed chalkboard A-frame signs so that you can pre-print a graphic onto your folding black board and write on top of it as you see fit. Our printed chalkboard A-frame signs allow you to print your business logo or brand directly onto the sign.

We have sidewalk signs to use with chalk and markers so that you can create an attention-grabbing display with your handwritten messages and drawings. Displays247 also has chalk in the form of liquid so you can avoid smudging while writing your message, and markers for dry erase boards that come in a variety of colors so you can make your display vibrant! Write-on sandwich boards are great for writing your menu items and displaying them on a folding chalkboard easel outside your store.

We offer these chalkboard sidewalk signs in a variety of styles and sizes, that are manufactured with aluminum, plastic, or acrylic so that you can choose which chalkboard easel is the best fit for your environment. Our chalkboard A-frames are a popular choice for write-on sandwich boards because the messages can be changed on the fly. Take a look at all of our sidewalk sign options and find the best fit for you today!

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